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The Tipline Program

Our TIPLINE program has been used by many companies, from large corporations like Rite-Aid, 7-Eleven, McDonald’s, Wawa and Citizens Bank to mom-and-pop stores. Our program works so well because of the anonymity of the callers, and is enhanced by cash rewards offered in most instances.

We operate the Tipline (215-546-TIPS) 24 hours a day, seven days a week with live, trained operators. We don’t use answering machines or voicemail, ever. When you call the Tipline, you can rest assured that you will talk to a live person, not a machine with a hundred options. You will never get a busy signal.

Our operators are trained to help YOU!


215-546-TIPS (8477)

How are rewards funded?

Many times, a victim’s family and/or friends will post reward money. In other instances, a company or community group will help out.

If a tip is received and the information was not previously given, or can add to the case, the caller will receive a seven-digit code number and may qualify for a reward if one is posted on that particular crime.

If a caller’s tip is acted upon and results in an arrest and conviction, a Crime Commission representative will meet with the caller, and provide the cash reward, no questions asked. No names or identification is required, just the code number furnished by the Tipline operator.

The Tipline has paid out more than $800,000 since its inception, and has proven itself over and over again to be a valuable tool in fighting crime.

Crime Fighters on 6abc

6abc anchor Rick Williams hosts a weekly Crime Fighters series on Action News. Now-retired anchor Rob Jennings hosted the segment for 18 years.

The series highlights particularly serious crimes for which the police are desperately seeking more information in order to make an arrest. The Crime Fighters series has been credited with hundreds of arrests and for averting countless tragedies.

See more at 6abc.com/CrimeFighters

Safety Seminars

The Crime Commission offers seminars to schools, community groups, business, and anyone else seeking ways to make their neighborhoods and businesses safe and secure. We have experts on hand that can deal with any subject from graffiti to terrorist activities. Call us at 215-546-6532 for more information.

Campus Crimebusters Program

A person with a tip calls the TIPLINE, and is given a code number. The principal or his designee is contacted by the Crime Commission with the information for his investigation and action.

Of course, if an emergency response is necessary, the local police will be notified first.

When an arrest and/or disciplinary action results from the information furnished, the person calling in the tip may be eligible for a cash reward. No names are asked, and no information concerning the caller is released to anyone.

Prison Internal Affairs Project

We have designed, implemented and continue to evaluate the Internal Affairs Unit for The Philadelphia Prison System. We also provide training assistance to staff members.

We have also developed their Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Division to ensure fair and impartial treatment of their employees.