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Vice President's message to the attendees of the 2017 Law Enforcement Appreciation Luncheon:

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for attending today. As we know, working as police officer/ first responder is often a thankless enterprise. Your appearance here today serves to thank these brave men and women for protecting our communities.

You also honor those families who sent their loved ones off to work during which they made the “Ultimate Sacrifice” for their fellow citizens. Think about it, each and every day when you leave for work you strive to accomplish the day’s agenda, be it servicing equipment, customer service, whatever you profession requires of you.

As you begin each day, you know what your day will entail. The life of a police officer/ first responder is rarely so simple. Each day can present a life challenging experience. This is never truer than in today’s society where respect for law and justice law is being tested daily.

When a police officer / first responder leaves for work these days, they extend their hugs for their loved ones just a little tighter an a little longer than usual. This is just the real reality of the times.

I thank you all for taking the time to honor these men woman I also thank you for supporting the work and the Mission of the Citizens Crime Commission.

Santo Montecalvo
Vice President
Citizens Crime Commission