History Of The Crime Commission

The Citizens Crime Commission is a non-profit, non-governmental advisory and educational organization that fights crime by working with law enforcement agencies and the judicial system.  The Crime Commission operates with a staff of specially trained criminal justice professionals, including attorneys and police officers.

The Citizens Crime Commission has developed programs assisting SEPTA, CIGNA, RITE-AID, and other large and small corporations concerned with security, safety, and loss prevention issues. We developed the Philadelphia Prisons System Internal Affairs Division and Equal Employment Opportunity unit and regularly critique their work to ensure that quality procedures are followed and reports are complete, correct and concise.

Our flagship program, the TIPLINE, is an outgrowth of the national CRIMESTOPPERS program and is designed to assist law enforcement in apprehending criminals and also deals with quality of life issues.  The TIPLINE was initiated in 1986, and has operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ever since. Our TIPLINE uses live, trained operators exclusively. We don’t use answering machines or recordings, ever.